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El Paso Cemetery – Derby

700 E Kay Street, Derby, KS

This was the fourth stop in our visit to the cemeteries in Derby.  It is the oldest one in town and certainly the largest.  The cemetery is almost full, so a new cemetery just outside of town was added.

The cemetery opened in 1878. While there are no famous people, the site is the final resting place of many of Derby’s pioneers like Alexander and Margaret Garrett who’s original house was just southeast of the property. Derby was originally named El Paso.

The oldest death date belongs to Vernie Wilson.  Vernie was born in July 1864 and died about 5 months later on December 25, 1864.

The first actual interment was Robert Stafford in 1878.

Interesting side note: According to the city, in 1879, 10 interments were made “from private cemeteries,” which likely means family members buried on their farms were moved to the new cemetery.

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