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Delano Park

November 17, 2019

#78 Delano Park – 101 N McLean

Background: This is a small park on the northwest corner of Douglas and McLean.

It is home to the Chisholm Trail Historical Marker and a fountain built in 1934.

The fountain is dedicated to Benjamin McLean (1858-1930). He was a banker who served as the Mayor from 1901 to 1904, and again from 1923 until he resigned in 1924.

The “Longhorn on the Chisholm Trail” statue was designed by John Kearney. It is the same longhorn that once stood in front of the Kansas Coliseum.

What we did: This is our kind of park on a cool Kansas day, scenic and small. We checked out the historic points of interest. Check out the link if you are interested in learning more about Jessie Chisholm and the Chisholm Trail.

The next stop is just down the road with a name that reminds me of something Han Solo would call C3-P0

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