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A group of women prayed for me at the mall


As you may or may not know I work a part time gig at Bath & Body Works.  This is my third Christmas season at the best smelling store in the mall.  A few weeks ago, I had a moment that made me thankful for the gig.  I thought I would share it as a nice Thanksgiving story.

I was working towards the front of the store, greeting people with my BBW antlers on my head, which by the way, there is no reason to be rude to the greeter, they just want to welcome you to the store and give you a quick rundown of the sales.  So, relax.

Do these antlers make me look fat?

Three women in their late 50’s to early 60’s came into the store.  I welcomed them and gave them a quick rundown of the sales.  One of them said, “We’re not here to shop, we just wanted to find out about the antlers.”  I responded, “Oh, do you think they make me look fat?”  That got a laugh. I told them the antlers were optional and since I had no shame, I would wear them. Another laugh.  They thought that was great. There was a little small talk, I was standing in front of the candle wall and asked what smells they liked.

I continued to joke around with them and showed them some candles that I thought they might enjoy.  They each ended up buying two candles.  One of the women asked if she could get a picture with me.  I was like, sure.  We posed for the picture.  I told her I better not see this on some weird website like Bath & Body Works After Dark, bow chicka bow bow.  They all broke out laughing.

The woman who took my picture leaned in close to me.  You are such a joy would it be OK if we prayed for you? 

I said, hell yeah! 

So right there in the middle of BBW they circled around me, we bent our heads down and one of the women said, “Dear heavenly father, thank you for Kevin and the joy he brought to our day.  Bless this young man in all he knows, and may you continue to bless him with a gentle, kind, fun heart.  (They said some other things, but at this point I was blushing and having a hard time paying attention.) In your name we pray.  Amen.” 

They thanked me again and headed to check out.  I pointed out one of my bosses and asked them to mention my service to her. 

The women started to leave and again, thanked me for making their day.  I said the same thing to them.  I turned around to find my boss standing there.  She said, those women loved you… they just went on and on….

So along with my family, friends, health, and job, I am thankful for these three kind women, and the laughter, love, and grace they shared with me.

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